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Industrial Chemicals

At Insulation World Kenya Limited we offer a product portfolio consisting of more than 10,000 chemicals and ingredients for a variety of industries found in one of these three segments: Life Science, Material Science, and Environmental.

Industrial Chemicals

We offer our customers in the industrial chemicals sector a comprehensive service package – from analyses and the preparation of compounds, right through to all-inclusive logistics. Insulation World Kenya Limited has tremendous capacity at its disposal in the laboratory services sector alone. Analyses, specifications and color-spectrometer studies of contamination all guarantee that the chemicals are absolutely flawless.

The preparation of specific chemical compounds constitutes another advantage for our customers. You give us the recipe for a compound that you require – irrespective of solid or liquid, organic or inorganic – and we will make it up for you, delivering it to the destination of your choice just in time.

The standards set by Insulation World Kenya Limited in the field of chemicals logistics not only relate to product quality, but also to the storage and delivery of chemicals. Our logistics centers all over the world ensure optimum proximity to the customer, cutting down the in-house inventories at the same time. Our global networking ensures that supplies are delivered efficiently to the place where they are needed. State-of-the-art safety standards make sure that no problems are encountered in the storage area, even where hazardous substances are concerned. This safety philosophy is at the root of the careful way in which we handle chemicals. Insulation World Kenya Limited has committed itself to continuously improve its own performance in terms of safety, health and environmental protection – irrespective of the stipulations laid down by law.

Specialty Chemicals

Insulation World Kenya Limited is committed to a collaborative culture whereby our extensive network of market-dedicated experts work in partnership with our customers and suppliers to generate mutually profitable growth. Insulation World Kenya Limited is passionate about meeting the expectations of its business partners, and about continuing to contribute to our success story. Throughout the world we act as the extended arm of manufacturers and the preferred marketing and sales channel offering the broadest portfolio of specialty chemicals. Our technical sales representatives work with chemists and research and development professionals to identify market needs. This partnership allows our customers to see the newest products and technology coming to market, and provides direct input into new product development.

By structurally and strategically categorizing and consolidating resources, distribution becomes more efficient, more cost-effective and easier to monitor. Consequently, our development panels, focusing on strategic industries, are of enormous benefit to our business partners who profit from our integrated marketing strategy, our technical expertise and our multi-country presence.