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Chemical Resistant Bricks/Tiles in Nairobi Kenya


Insulation World Kenya Limited is the leading supplier of Acid/Alkali Proof Tiles/Acid/Alkali Resistance Tiles in different thicknesses. Our tiles can resist highly concentrated acid, low water absorption, highly mechanical Strength, etc. These are fine-ground and specifically formulated for density and strength and fired at over 1200ºC. This process results in tiles that resist virtually all corrosive liquids and gasses, expect for acid fluorides and strong hot caustics.

Our tiles have dimensions 230mm*115mm*38mm.


 Industrial fields with chemical attack on buildings
Lining of floors, trenches, pits and wall areas
• Pickling Plants
Lining of pickling tanks for metals, floors, trenches and pits
• Chemical industry, iron and steel industry, metal industry
Lining of vessels, reaction vessels, scrubbing towers, neutralization facilities, basins, breakdown vessels, acid storage tanks, etc.
• Pulp and paper industry
Lining of bleaching towers, digesters, floors, trenches, etc.
• Sulfuric acid plants
Lining of absorption towers, washer, floors, trenches and pits
• Phosphoric acid plants
Lining of reactors, thickeners, storage tanks floors, trenches and pits
• Food industry
Lining of floors, trenches, pits and wall areas
• Battery factories
Lining of assembly and loading rooms, acid mixing plants, neutralization pits, drying rooms
• Power Stations
Lining of flue gas cleaning plants, DeNOx plants, trenches, channels, water treatment plants.

A technical datasheet is available on request.

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