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Our Products Catalogue


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Insulation World Kenya Limited is a privately owned company located along Jogoo Road in Nairobi, Kenya.


  1. Supply of High Temperature Refractory Materials
  2. Supply of Thermal and Sound (Acoustic) Insulation Materials.
  3. Supply of Steam and Industrial Boiler Products
  4. Specialised and General Hardware Products

Our Engineers are seasoned and experienced in dealing with all types of Refractory and Insulation Materials.


  1. Refractory Castable Cement
  2. Refractory Fire Bricks
  3. Insulating Bricks
  4. Insulating Cement
  5. Refractory Mortar
  6. Binder Cement
  7. Fondu Cement
  8. Chrome Magnesite Bricks
  9. Chrome Magnesite Cement
  10. Silicon Manganese 60/14
  11. Tapper Bricks of all shapes
  12. Hearth Blocks
  13. Acid Resistant Bricks/Tiles
  14. Acid Resistant Cement & Mortar
  15. All Consumables for Continuous Casting Machine (metallurgy)

Thermal and Acoustic Insulation Materials Catalogue

  1. Ceramic Fiber Insulation Products
  2. Rockwool (Mineral Wool) Insulation
  3. Fiber Glass Wool Insulation Products
  4. Armaflex Insulation Products
  5. Styrofoam Insulation Products
  6. Polyethylene Foam (P.E) Insulation
  7. Aluminum Self Adhesive Thermal Insulation Tapes

Other Products we stock:

  1. Aluminium Cladding Plain Sheets
  2. Aluminum Chequered Plates
  3. Stainless Steel Sheets all grades
  4. Galvanized Iron Sheet
  5. Refrigeration Freon Gases
  6. High Voltage Electrical Insulation Rubber Mat (Electromat)

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