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Asbestos Rope in Kenya

Asbestos rope is a type of rope which is made by braiding asbestos fiber. These ropes have a wide variety of applications. These ropes have rectangular, square and round sections. It is ingrained with a wide number of beneficial features which increases its usage. It can be molded easily into any shapes. It also has a high resistance to extreme climatic conditions.

These ropes can be used along with steel, nickel and copper wires. The asbestos ropes are widely used in mixers, centrifugal pumps, compressors, piston pumps, ship propeller and so forth. It is resistant to alkaline and acid reactions. It is also an excellent conductor of thermal activities.

Asbestos ropes can be obtained in a huge range of varieties. Let us examine some of these types and its features.

Asbestos Rope

Lagging Rope: This is a special type of rope that is braided with dusted form of asbestos in the outer layer and filled with ceramic in the inner layers. These ropes have excellent flexibility and elasticity. The lagging asbestos ropes are used in applications with heated pipelines.

Twisted Rope: These ropes include two or more than two strands of asbestos rope. It is largely used to seal or caulk thermal insulation. These ropes are available in different diameters to suit specific purposes. Twisted asbestos ropes can be bought from online stores at affordable price rates.

Asbestos Ropes

Square Rope: Another variety of asbestos ropes is the square ropes which are made of long fiber yarn that contains asbestos. These ropes are basically woven into square shapes and therefore it is known as square ropes. It is used to seal materials as it is highly resistant to heat. It also has a low thermal conductivity.

In most cases, asbestos ropes are inclusive of various other materials to improve its comprehensive properties. These ropes find application in various fields. It is used largely in heavy industries for heat insulation of boilers and pipes.

Asbestos rope is made of braided asbestos fiber and its section tends to be round, rectangle or square. It is widely used in centrifugal pumps, compressors, vacuum pumps, mixers and ship propeller shaft seals, piston pumps and so on. It has a good thermal conductivity, acid and alkali resistance. Compared with other sealing materials, asbestos rope can be molded into any shape and operates well at extreme temperatures. Especially, it has a ability of halting the spread of fire.

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