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Insulation World Kenya Limited are the leading suppliers of Industrial Sodium hypochlorite in Kenya. (NaOCl) in a dilute solution is known as bleach. In Kenya, sodium hypochlorite also known as Bleach is a result of a reaction of chlorine and sodium hydroxide solution. It is a pale greenish-yellow dilute solution.(Bleach)


sodium- hypochlorite-solution

Industrial uses of sodium hypochlorite Solution

  1. Sodium hypochlorite is a disinfectant. When the solution is mixed with water, it exhibits large anti-microbial activities. This makes it useful in in hospitals in disinfecting areas contaminated with body fluids or blood spills. Other industries also use this chemical in disinfecting areas that require high lever sanity.
  2. As a bleaching agent. Sodium hypochlorite is a bleaching agent in households. This includes cleaning of deeply stained tiles and walls. additionally, sodium hypochlorite helps in removing tough stains in household toilets.
  3. For odor removal. Sodium hypochlorite has oxidation and hydrolysis properties .As a result, the solution effects deodorization. this is the dilution of bad smells in an area or a room. Sodium hypochlorite makes organic dirts water soluble and non-volatile. This reduces its odor hence best in removal of bad smell.
  4. Sodium hypochlorite is a cleaning agent. The solution has de-staining properties. This property makes it useful in cleaning and removal of stains especially those caused by tea spills. In hospitals , the solution helps in cleaning floors and walls. this is due to its ability to remove stains from blood or spillages of medicines.

Dangers when using Bleach

  1. Do not mix with other products especially cleaners that contain ammonia. This is because, sodium hypochlorite produces toxic gases when it reacts with Ammonia. Products that have not been indicated as suitable to mix with sodium hypochlorite should always be avoided.
  2. Follow the correct dilute instructions. This is to avoid reactions with the body or other areas of application.
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