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Rockhard Cement in Kenya,Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda

Download Technical Data Sheet and Application of Rockhard

Protective Liner Against Severe Wear and Abrasion

Rockhard is a composite product combined of extremely high strength wear-resistant densely embedded grains in a strong cementing matrix providing superior protection against moderate to severe wear and tear.

Rockhard can perform its best as a wear-resistant lining against severe abrasion of up to 1200 degrees Celcius temperature.

Rockhard products are trowelled onto an anchoring mesh in form of monolithic layers.

Rockhard precast slap can be supplied for easy installation at the site. Steel pipes with Rockhard lining inside can be used for carrying high-velocity dust-laden gas or solids.

Applications of Rockhard Area Wise
1.Pipes and bends for pneumatic conveying of materials.
2.Dust extraction system.
4.Separator for coal dust.
5.Raw mill & clinker mill body.
6.Static and dynamic separators.
7.V type separators.
8.Dedusting cylinders.
9.Clinker cooler duct.
10.Bottom ash hopper

Applications of Rockhard Industry Wise
1.Power Plants
2.Cement Plant
3.Steel Plant
4.Paper Mill etc.

Unique properties of Rockhard
1.Highly Resistant to erosive and abrasive wear
2.Ability to apply in-situ
3.Ability to apply and form to any shape
4.Monolithic and highly compact structure
5.Fast and easy installation including overhead application
6.Variable thickness from 15-50mm
7.Linning can be put in use after 2 to 3 days

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