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Sodium Tripolyphosphate (sodium triphosphate) in Nairobi Kenya

Insulation World Kenya Limited is the leading supplier of Sodium tripolyphosphate in Kenya. This chemical is also known as sodium triphosphate or pentasodium tripolyphosphate. It is an organic compound with the formula Na5P3O10 and the sodium salt of the polyphosphate penta-anion.

Mostly refered to as STPP, sodium tryphosphate is an  alkaline salt. Its main uses are in water treatment facilities,  food preservative industries. Sodium tryphosphate other users are in manufacturing and production of cleaning products and as a food preservative. It is a result of mixing  two chemicals that is disodium phosphate and monosodium phosphate in the chemical laboratories.

STPP is usually white or colorless crystals that are water-soluble and flow very well. This chemical is a phosphate chemical. Like in Kenya, sodium tryphosphate is well known worldwide. This is due to its main use in both food and industrial grades.

Uses of Sodium tripolyphosphate

  1. As a food preservative- It is a preservative for seafood, meats, poultry and animal feeds. In foods, sodium tripolyphosphate preserves the natural color of meats and sea food because it improves the texture and this makes it best in food preservation. Sodium tripolyphosphate reduces food spoilage. This is because It gives a fresh appearance to meat and sea food and as a result.
  2. In cleaning products. Sodium tripolyphosphate works in cleaning detergents because it improves the ability of detergents to penetrate fibers, other materials and surfaces. Its PH and buffering aids in bubbling and softening hard water. As a result, it is best to use especially in household cleaning.
  3. Sodium triphosphate works as a tanning agent for leather. It works as a masking agent and synthetic tanning agent and as a result, helps in tanning leather especially in leather industries.
  4. Mine applications and water treatment. This is due to its properties of softening hard water.
  5. Pulp and paper production industries.
  6. Anti-caking agent. this is because of its anti-caking properties.

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