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Properties of Vermiculite – Insulation World Kenya Limited

High water retention capacity optimizing water efficiency

It enhances germination, root, and shoot development. Vermiculite continues to provide the benefits of moisture retention throughout the growth cycle.

High cation exchange capacity (CEC)

CEC indicates the value of a soil to retain cation nutrients. The cation process captures available nutrients, ammonia (nitrogen ions), magnesium, potassium and calcium for slow release

Aeration and thermal properties

Roots must have adequate level of oxygen from the soil and aeriation is the process that facilitates oxygen exchange.

Thermal ‘insulating’ properties
Vermiculite has excellent insulation properties
Neutral Carrier

Vermiculite is a registered animal feed carrier used in pre-mixes in the animal feed industry.


Vermiculite aggregates have been used in fire-proofing products for decades.

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