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Monitor Isolation Pads in Nairobi,Kenya

Insulation World Kenya Limited is the leading wholesale distributor of Monitor isolation pads in Kenya and Eastern Africa. Call us through +254 722 401 175 to place order.

What are monitor isolation pads?

Monitor isolation pads are made of dense acoustic foam and metal spikes on which the speakers rest. Monitor decouplers function in two main ways. First, they isolate the monitor from the stand (desk), ensuring that the speaker operates independently, with no back-vibrations from the stand interfering with the monitor operation. Second, they prevent the transmission of vibrations onto the stand, which can generate unwanted resonance.


  • Monitor isolation pads

This is a set of pieces (foot + wedge) that forms elastic isolation pads for speakers. They decouple the monitors from desks, tables or shelves to prevent sound distortion produced by surface resonance (comb filter effect). They are made of high-density acoustic foam, specially formulated to improve damping performance and load capacity. Sold in sets of 4 complete pads, they are designed to be used in pairs and can be spaced to fit different monitor sizes and better distribute weight. The combination of the foot + wedge pieces allows for up to 5 different degrees of inclination to adapt the vertical-tilt of the speakers in order to get the best alignment with the listening point. Their cost-effective design makes them ideal for home studio use, and they can be used in other devices where the vibrations produces resonance and effective.

Decoupling is needed.

  • Pad = 30 x 10 cm x 6cm
  • Pieces of:100mm wide, 300mm long and 45mm high.
  • Pack of:4 complete pads, for isolating 2 speakers.
  • Load bearing capacity for each monitor 20kg.
  • Foam density 40kg/m3 Clutch CL-ISO2 Acoustic Isolation Foam Riser Pads for Studio Monitor Speakers: Musical Instruments                                                    Studio Monitor Isolation Pads for 3 - 4.5 Inch Small Speakers SMPad 4 – Sound Addicted

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