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Asbestos Cloth in Nairobi, Kenya

Insulation World Kenya is the leading supplier of Asbestos cloth within the Kenyan market and across the borders.

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Asbestos cloth is made of 100% long asbestos fabrics. Asbestos cloth reinforced by metal wire is also provided by us. It processes excellent heat resistance, non-inflammability and weather-proof. Therefore it is widely in the fields below.

Thermal insulation: Available for boilers, pipelines and other equipment of metallurgy, chemical factories, power plants, buildings, ships, vehicles, and so on.

Fire-proof clothes:  The fireproofing capabilities of asbestos made it an ideal material to use in protective clothing such as jackets for firefighters and aprons and mitts for foundry workers. Weaving asbestos fibers along with other fibers also improved the tensile strength of textile products.

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