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Mild Steel Sheets in Nairobi Kenya (+254 722 401 175)

Insulation World Kenya Limited is the leading distributor and supplier of mild steel sheets in Nairobi Kenya. We have them in standard sizes 0f 8ft by 4ft all thickness / gauges.

We supply plates from 0.8mm-100mm thickness in the dimensions 8 Feet × 4 Feet or 2438 mm × 1219 mm. MS Plates are used in canopies, metal fabrication, platforms, pedestals, structures and stands, etc.

AISI 1018 mild/low carbon steel has excellent weldability and produces a uniform and harder case and it is considered as the best steel for carburized parts. AISI 1018 mild/low carbon steel offers a good balance of toughness, strength and ductility. Provided with higher mechanical properties, AISI 1018 hot rolled steel also includes improved machining characteristics and Brinell hardness. Mild Steel is tough, making it now the most common form of steel because of its relative affordability while providing material properties that are acceptable for many applications.

Specific manufacturing controls are used for surface preparation, chemical composition, rolling and heating processes. All these processes develop a supreme quality product that are suited to fabrication processes such as welding, forging, drilling, machining, cold drawing and heat treating.

Chemical Composition
Element Carbon Silicon Manganese Sulphur Phosphorus
Content (%) 0.16 – 0.24 0.10 – 0.40 0.50 – 0.90 0.05 Max 0.05 Max
Typical Uses

Mild steel can be used to make bullets, nuts, bolts, chains, hinges, knives, armor, pipes, magnets and machinery components where a low strength material is required.

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