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Metalized Chiller Pipe Insulation in Nairobi, Kenya

Metalized Pipe Lagging is made of 100% closed-cell polyethylene foam. It has a low water vapour transmission rate making it excellent in insulating both cold and hot water pipes. Metalized Insulation Pipes are used to insulate pipes against heat gain or lose and prevent condensation on cold water plumbing and has an operating temperature of between -40°C and +95°C. Its closed-cell structure allows it to reduce unwanted heat loss or heat gain, decrease plumbing noise, prevent condensation and corrosion and maximizing energy saving.

Our insulation is used on hot and cold water lines, refrigeration lines, air conditioning lines and waste water pipes. For severe UV exposure (rooftop applications), cladding should be used. The pipe Lagging comes in both reflective finish and plain finish, and is available in a full range of diameters to suit Copper, PVC, PPR, Galvanised Steel and Stainless Steel pipe sizes.

When should your plumber use pipe lagging?

There are two main uses of lagging, and the material chosen will depend on what the main application of the lagging is for:

Lagging is designed to contain the intrusive noise generated by the turbulent flow of waste-water through piping and fittings.

This lagging comprises a noise barrier to contain pipe-wall vibrating noise. There are several types of materials used for this purpose, including loaded vinyl and convoluted foam. Each material will have a U-Factor, which is a performance rating measuring how well a given material prevents heat from escaping.

Thermal Insulation:
This pipe lagging is normally a highly flexible elastometric material fitted around metal pipes to reduce the movement due to thermal changes in the pipe.

More sophisticated insulation is available that can control both heat and noise transmission. The insulation minimizes the disturbance of noisy kitchen, laundry and bathroom pipes, and maintains the temperature in hot/cold water services, chilled water lines, refrigeration pipework and air-conditioning ducts.


Key Benefits

Excellent thermal properties – leading to energy saving

Resistant to moisture vapor flow – prevents condensation


Durable (long lifespan)

Easy to install

Dampening of structural noise

Suitable for insulation of buried pipes

Chemically inert

Free from synthetic mineral fibres

Resistant against mould, mildew and bacteria


Hot and cold Water pipes Insulation.

Chiller Pipes Insulation.

Refrigeration piping Insulation.

Air conditioning piping Insulation.

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