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Insulating Heat Resistant Refractory Fire Bricks , Zirconia Bricks Zro2 65% in Nairobi, Kenya

Zircon brick is acid refractory product which is made of ZrO2 and zirconium corundum clinker as material, the content of ZrO2 is 65%. It is produced by mixing, molding, drying and sintering at high temperature in shuttle kiln.

1: Low thermal expansion / Low calcining expansion/ Low heat expansion/ Low thermal dilatation
2: The thermal conductivity reduces along with the temperature growth
3: Good thermal shock resistance performance
4: Stable chemical characters
5: Excellent abrasion resistance/ abrasion-ability/ wear resistance/ wearability
6: High performance of alkaline medium erosion resistance
7: The refractoriness under load can be 1700℃
8: Dense crystal structure
9: High bulk density
10: High mechanical strength at normal and high temperature
11: Low creep and low permanent liner change rate.



Dense zircon brick is primarily used as the middle brick between silica brick and AZS brick for glass kiln. Zircon refractory brick is also used for arch brick, temperature hole brick, observation hole brick in glass furnace. It is applied for ladle lining brick, stopper brick, nozzle brick, continuous casting used shaping nozzle brick in steel plant.


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