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Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board Gyproc 12.5mm (For Bathrooms)

Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board products are designed to provide better moisture resistance. Most preferred moisture resistant gypsum board compared to other brands in the Kenyan market that can withstand moisture for a very long time Gyproc Moisture resistant Gypsum Boards comply fully with the requirements

Moisture Resistance Gypsum Board Knauf

Knauf Moisture Resistant Gypsum Boards are hydrophobic boards that are impregnated against the absorption of moisture. Their application areas are similar to the Knauf Regular Boards. However MR boards are primarily used for bathrooms and kitchens in private housing and offices. Knauf Moisture Resistant Gypsum

Knauf Fire Resistant Gypsum Board 12.5mm

Knauf Fire Resistant Gypsum Boards (FR) are gypsum wallboards specially designed to offer superior fire resistance performance when used in drywall partitions, shaft walls, ceilings and lining systems Application Knauf Fire Resistant Gypsum Boards (FR) are high performance gypsum boards used as the cladding component

Gyproc Fire Resistant Gypsum Board 12.5mm

Gyproc® Firestop Board is gypsum based interior Wall & Ceiling product used in areas where High Fire Resistance Performance is required to restrict fire to pass from one side of wall to the other side. Gyproc® Firestop Board’s gypsum core incorporates glass fibers & other

How to Use Vermicompost on Your Plants

As a Seed-Starting Boost Vermicompost is a terrific amendment for starting seeds, as it’s nutrient-rich and helps support the young plants’ growth. If you’re starting seeds indoors, simply add a little bit to the seed-starting medium. For outdoor seed planting, just sprinkle it along the

Operation and maintenance of Vermicompost

Smells When closed, a well-maintained bin is odorless; when opened, it should have little smell—if any smell is present, it is earthy. The smell may also depend on the type of composted material added to the bin. An unhealthy worm bin may smell, potentially due

Properties of Vermicompost

Vermicompost has been shown to be richer in many nutrients than compost produced by other composting methods. It has also outperformed a commercial plant medium with nutrients added, but levels of magnesium required adjustment, as did pH. However, in one study it has been found

How to use Vermicompost

10 frequently asked questions on vermicomposting: 1. What is Vermicompost? Vermicompost is a type of Organic Fertilizer. It is derived by composting organic waste by using various species of earthworms. It is a mixture of decomposing vegetable or food waste, bedding materials, and most importantly worm

Vermicompost in Kenya

Worm castings, or vermicast, are an organic form of natural fertilizer and the end-product of the breakdown of organic matter by earthworms. By adding organic worm castings to the soil you are providing manure that aerates and improves the structure of the soil while also

Oven Materials in Kenya 0722 401 175

Nothing beats the taste of wood- fire baked pizza. Recently, the demand for pizza ovens in homes has risen in most parts of Kenya. Below are some  of the materials you need to construct that wood-fired pizza oven. Fire/ refractory cement Fire bricks/ refractory bricks